We create magnetic, heart-centered videos.

  • We’ll define your audience.
  • Capture your essense.
  • Ignite your message.
  • And help you reach the world!

What my clients are saying:

  • “Kyle guides you along the process of loosening up, relaxing and getting your joy and spirit to come out in front of the camera!” - Puma St. Angel | Founder | Grace Grove Retreat Center
  • “Through my coaching with Kyle, we were able to crystallize the best way for me to present myself to my specific target audience.” - Dr. Eyal Ronen | Vice President | Spotlight Leadership
  • “The biggest difference in working with Kyle is that you really get an integration of your vision and his expertise. You can be heard and represented authentically.” - Camille Scielzi | Life Coach | Take Action Guru
  • “I was so uncertain about what I was going to do videos on. But after my coaching with Kyle, I feel like I’m on the right track now!” - Jan Sheppard | Counselor | Integral Spirit Consulting
  • “My experience working with Kyle as we’ve been filming has actually been fun! It has been really easy for me to be myself and I have enjoyed the process.” - Ken Kirby | Founder | Curious Professionals
  • “Can’t say enough about Kyle. It’s really enjoyable for me to work with someone who is so skillful at what they do.” - Dr. Dan Engle, MD | President | Mindful Medicine
  • “Kyle is a blast to work with! Most importantly as we were filming, he would remind me of where I was at in the process and who I was speaking to.” - Morgan Langan | Founder | Grace Grove Retreat Center
  • “Working with Kyle has been a very positive experience. He pays attention, he notices the little things and gives really great direction.” - Ann Hoffman | Chief Enjoyment Officer | Enjoy Living Internationally
  • “I have worked with a lot of people and Kyle would be my #1 recommendation, both as a videographer and as a coach. So DO IT!” - Lorna Dimeo | Founder | Success On Purpose
  • “Kyle is so easy going, fun, cheerful and full of light. His guidance is right on so that it connects with who you are. It is such a joy working with him.” - Ann Naimark, MFT | Therapist | The Second Half Revolution
  • “I had never done video before and I really credit Kyle for getting me into an incredible space where I was able to be myself. He’s just good!” - Ragini Michaels | Founder | Facticity® Trainings, Inc.
  • “Kyle just knows how to bring out the soft, spiritual side of you. He has this artistic ability that is second to no one that I have seen.” - Kent Sayler | Live-Your-Calling Coach | Passion Test® Facilitator
  • “Kyle spent the time to outline everything from A-Z for each video and as the President of a company, with my limited time, he handled it all.” - Mark Harrington | President | Century Investment Group, Inc.





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