Hi! Hi! I’m Kyle!
Making videos that inspire, uplift and empower people is the ‘thing’ trials riding that lights me up!! Originally I got into making videos because of extreme sports and a unique skill I developed riding my bike called “trials” riding.

arms outI soon realized that I had a calling for something more with my life. Leading me on a 5+ year (and ongoing) journey starting different businesses, going from seminar to seminar, reading books, listening to audiobooks, hiring life and business coaches all in the realm of personal growth and self improvement.
4 pics in 1Then in late  2009, it dawned on me. I wanted to commit my life to combining the two things I love most, sharing impactful messages through the medium of video!

And it’s lead me to what I do today.
Helping other heart-centered entrepreneurs and businesses who want to use online video to get their message out into the world in a fresh, new, powerful and compelling way!!



I use an iMac. iMac

Final Cut Pro I edit on Final Cut Pro 7.

  Glidecam HD-2000 Tripod Head Tripod Legs