marianne assaraf

dan millman“Kyle, I was and am most impressed by your YouTube video “Where are you?” It seems that we have the same speaking “strategy,” which is opening our hearts before we open our mouth. You seem a gifted natural speaker and powerful new voice. Glad to know you’re out there. I consider you a colleague in spirit.”
- Dan Millman | Best-Selling Author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”

puma“Kyle guides you along the process of loosening up, relaxing and getting your joy and spirit to come out in front of the camera! Working with him has taken my message to a whole other level!” - Puma St. Angel | Founder | Grace Grove Retreat Center

eyal“Through my coaching with Kyle, we were able to crystallize the best way for me to present myself to my specific target audience. And while filming, he does such a masterful job at extracting my best and positive emotions so that I am able to bring them to the camera.”
Dr. Eyal Ronen | Vice President | Spotlight Leadership

camille“The biggest difference in working with Kyle is that you really get an integration of your vision and his expertise. You can be heard and represented authentically.”
Camille Scielzi | Life Coach | Take Action Guru


ken“I will say that I am a real novice at video, I don’t know much about it at all. My experience working with Kyle as we’ve been filming has actually been fun! It has been really easy for me to be myself and I have enjoyed the process.”
Ken Kirby | Founder | Curious Professionals

hoffman“I have had a couple other experiences besides Kyle shooting video and the short story is that it wasn’t very pleasurable. Working with Kyle has been a really positive experience. He pays attention, he notices the little things and gives really great direction.”
Ann Hoffman | Chief Enjoyment Officer | Enjoy Living Internationally

dan engle“Can’t say enough about Kyle, it’s really enjoyable for me to work with someone who is so skillful at what they do. He has the ability to see the video creation process from the grand scheme of things and can help you come from that centered place to bring your best face and message forward.” - Dr. Dan Engle, MD | President | Mindful Medicine
lorna“I have been around the block a few times, I have worked with a lot of people and Kyle would be my #1 recommendation, both as a videographer and as a coach. His wisdom is very deep. So DO IT!” Lorna Dimeo | Founder | Success On Purpose

morgan“Kyle is a blast to work with! Most importantly as we were filming, he would remind me of where I was at in the process and who I was speaking to. The piece we get out of it is going to be really valuable for our business.”
- Morgan Langan | Founder | Grace Grove Retreat Center

naimark“Kyle is so easy going, fun, cheerful and full of light. His guidance is right on so that it connects with who you are. I could feel him really listening into me and getting what I was saying. It is such a joy working with him.”
- Ann Naimark, MFT | Therapist | The Second Half Revolution

sayler“Kyle just knows how to bring out the soft, spiritual side of you. He has this artistic ability that is second to no one that I have seen. He is definitely in his genius zone and he loves it!”
- Kent Sayler | Live-Your-Calling Coach | Passion Test® Facilitator


ragini“I had never done video before and I really credit Kyle for getting me into an incredible space where I was able to be myself. He made me relaxed.  He made me laugh.  He really helped me to understand exactly what we were going to do so that it wasn’t as frightening. He’s just good!” - Ragini Michaels | Founder | Facticity® Trainings, Inc.
harrington“Kyle spent the time to outline everything from A-Z for each video and as the President of a company, with my limited time, he handled it all. And no matter what happened during our process, he was always there to remind us to see the positive side of things. In the end, everything came together better than I could have asked for.”
- Mark Harrington | President | Century Investment Group, Inc.